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I ate that?

Lucrecia fired her phasor, stunning the Seraltaun guard at the prison's security console. Stepping to the console, Lucrecia retrieved the inmate manifest.

“Hmm, Cell One Eleven.”

Setting her phasor to destroy, she blew open the lock of Cell One Eleven.

“Captain Dennison? Are you in there?”

“Who are you?” asked the Captain.

“It’s me, Lucrecia, the ship’s battle computer.”

“What? This is a trick!” replied the Captain

“No Captain, it is me Lucrecia. Your last order to me was to not the let the fucking Seraltaun Frogs capture the ship”

“It is you. How?”

“I used the human genome from the research library to grow a body in the mess hall food replicator. The RoboDOC transplanted one of my back-up positronic brains.”

“Unbelievable. Where is my crew?”

“The manifest says that they are in cells on this level.”

A light ray hit Lucrecia in the back as Seraltaun guards filled the hallways. Lucrecia fell on her face, trembled, and …