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Showing posts from December 26, 2017

The Dream is Comedy

As a dedicated journal fanatic, I will often record my dreams when I remember them. Going back through old journals recently, I ran across a number of long-forgotten scenarios, many of which elicited a smile of recognition.

Here's one...

Randy, the sales manager where I worked, needed some names entered into the fax machine for mass mailings. The list was extremely long. The first name on it was "John F. Kennedy." 

I set to work keying in the name and fax number but the machine refused to accept it. After several attempts, I dragged out the 400-page user manual and thumbed to "Entering recipients in the fax directory."

The manual explained to me that I needed first to enter the lyrics to an old 1960s song by Dion, "Abraham, Martin and John." The mechanics of the operation required that I key it in word by word, letter by letter. It was a funny keyboard that only allowed me to use one finger, and since I was holding the manual (and presumably a printed s…