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My New Year's Resolutions 2018

Yup, it's that time.

I resolve to lose ten pounds  -- This one is a tradition.  BUT,  this year I know I will lose weight.  I am sure I will make this one because I did lose ten pounds in 2017.  It was not for strong willful determination pushing me to succeed but my health.  My doctor said, "lose weight or have health problems."  I heard, "lose the weight or DIE!!!!" 

I resolve to eat better -- It's not my fault that I do not eat enough vegetables.  Meat just tastes better.  Sauteing vegetables in pounds of pork fat seems wrong to me.

I resolve to go to the gym -- I worry that as I age, I am losing muscle.  I don't want to become frail and fragile.  Got to start lifting weights.  I have hand weights, but going to the gym and seeing all those overly enthusiastic gym rats is an inspiration.

I resolve to be friendlier -- This is new.  It occurred to me that as I get older, I seem to have fewer and fewer friends.  Not sure why. Maybe I tire easil…