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The Grandma Niche

What? I didn't tell you about my grandbaby? Oh, sure I did! I wouldn't be a grandma if I didn't brag obsessively about the little rugrat who's currently toddling his way into my heart.

No, actually, I haven't done much of that since he came into the world nearly a year and a half ago. He's doing fine. Unfortunately, I don't get to see much of him because my evil son and his wife took the helpless munchkin and moved north, about 100 miles (and one time zone) away.

Okay, okay, they're not evil at all. In fact, they're extremely responsible parents, looking for the right home and set of circumstances in which to raise Tyler. That means moving away from our growing city to a place with lower rents but also fewer abundant employment opportunities. That means my son works two jobs. His wife works one, and when both parents are out earning a living, a friend takes care of Tyler, who likes it just fine.

My husband Carl, who is actually zero blood relation …