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Here's how it works, Dad...

Today I was watching a rerun of an old reality series called Supernanny. A very experienced English Nanny named Jo Frost receives DVDs from families in the US, showing the parenting difficulties they're having and asking for help. Jo travels to their home, observes the family dynamics, demonstrates her techniques for helping kids get in line, goes away for a short while while the cameras continue filming, then comes back, and fine-tunes her advice to the family. At the end of the hour, which is a couple of weeks in real time, everything is back in balance and harmony. It's definitely a formula type show, but still interesting to watch what goes on in some homes.
In the episode I watched today, the wife had three children, all elementary school age, one with a pretty severe case of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and she was also pregnant. Her husband worked as a postal carrier. He came home from work every day, gave a casual