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Princess marries a Frog

As spiteful witches go, Gingema, Wicked Witch of the East, was worse than worst. But, despite her evil ways, Gingema fell in love with a prince. It is written, somewhere, that a prince can only marry a princess. Since Gingema could not have the handsome Prince Edward for herself, she resolved that no other woman could have him either. Gingema cast her most evil spell ever and changed Prince Edward into a frog. The Prince as frog could do naught but to hop to the pond and join the other frogs living there.

As princes go, Edward was very friendly. The frogs of the pond liked him and invited him to stay with them. There was one lady frog, we shall name her Camille, who caught Edward’s eye. Edward caught her eye also and she smiled at him. Soon they were betrothed.

For a lady frog, Camille was beautiful. She caught the eye of many frogs in the pond. But there was one -- call him Greeny for he was a meany -- who was jealous that Camille loved Edward. Greeny resolved to take action.