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Showing posts from February 17, 2018

Mall Traffic Jam

I am, once again, sitting in Nordstrom's Cafe, sipping fancy coffee and watching shoppers.  I am amazed how the flow of shoppers sort of organizes itself: People walk to the right following the rules of the road. But there are exceptions.

The worst of the mall blockers are people walking along who suddenly stop in the middle of the aisle to window shop, to look at some display, and thoughtlessly block the road.  The mall traffic jams up behind them trying to get past. Was the window display so interesting that they risk getting bumped in their behinds?   My solution to this hazard is to have white lines in front of the windows marking out people-parking spaces. 

I can see the moms with the Mack-truck baby carriages careening through the mall.  You would think that the moms would be more aware that their babies are blocking the road.  You would think that they would be aware of the danger that they put their kids in.   The moms have been doing this all…