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Showing posts from February 24, 2018

Pink Eye

One morning, I was opening up my chicken store, when a fairy walked in. I could tell right away that she was addicted to chicken livers from her pink eye. You see, fairies get high on chicken livers and the iron turns their eyes pink. The really addicted fairies sprinkle turmeric on the livers. God only knows what turmeric does to them.

So this fairy sticks an Orc paw with six long dirty claws in my face and says, "gimme all your chicken livers."

Now I'm thinking, whadda I do? Chicken livers ain't worth fighting over but it's illegal to give any to fairies. A stupid law, cause it's legal to sell chicken livers to humans so how can you stop fairies from getting some?

I reach in the glass display under the counter and take out a large bowl. Well, the fairy sees the livers and goes wild. Her pink eyes double in size and she start shaking. she grabs a handful of the raw livers and gulps 'em down. I see this as my moment. I grab the Orc Paw from her and hit h…