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"There comes a time to the Prince Regent when he must kill the King," stated Prince Henry. "Are you ready to do your duty?" 

"Patricide. What horrible tradition dogs us," declared Prince Richard. "Am I to do this evil deed to be rewarded with a kingdom, and if God wills it, a son and heir, who will murder me hence?"

The two princes leaned on the heavy table lit by the glow of the fireplace in Prince Richard's quarters. Prince Henry refilled Prince Richard's goblet and waited. Prince Richard stared at the goblet. Slowly he raised it towards his lips, spilling wine on his doublet and drank until the goblet emptied. 

"The king is old. He falters in his duties," said Prince Henry. "Kingdoms are taken not given. Kill the King and demonstrate your right to rule." 

Prince Richard shrugged, "God has jested with me when He chose me first born. And of yourself, brother, what of you? Shall I murder you too?"

"Nay, naug…