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Showing posts from April 1, 2018


I don't use Facebook anymore. I still have an account. My friend count has dropped as my friends are closing their accounts. I get  emails from Facebook of postings by my friends. Maybe once every three months or so, the email is interesting enough that I logon and take a look.

I do have a Twitter account. I use that much more than Facebook. I like Twitter because it is an open system. That is, anyone can see your posts. Once a week, I post on Twitter to let the world know that this blog has new posting. Facebook is too limited for this purpose.

So what do I use for social media? One word: smartphones. That's where the action is. I can send word texts, video texts. Nice thing about text is, it's a quick Hello, thinking of you kinda thing. My friends can respond to the texts when they are free and available. If I want more, I call and talk to them. Soooo old fashioned talking to people.

Best of all, I can use FaceTime. Always nice to see my friends live. FaceTime has other adv…