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Border Madness

President Trump says that he will send the military to guard the borders for illegal immigrants. Why? We have a far bigger problem with cocaine crossing the border than illegal immigrants.

To be clear, the President cannot send in the military to the borders. Believe it or not, there is a law that says the military cannot be used inside the United States. After the Civil War, Congress became concerned about using military against the citizens. Congress passed a law known as Posse Comitatus preventing domestic use of the Military. 

The President can use the National Guard. They are considered Militia, not military, and can be used internally.

The President says opiates are a huge problem so why not send the military, ahem, National Guard to stop the smuggling.

Cocaine comes into the United States by planes. The Air Guard can use radar to capture them. You tell me that the military can track Russian bombers and fighters but they cannot track a freight plane full of cocaine?

The cocaine smugg…