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Black Panther

I finally got out to see Black Panther. Yeah I know, pretty late in the game. Still, my few dollars contributed to the $Billion$ box office take.

My friend thought it was an amazing movie. He went on to tell me how this movie is changing the world. He said that now Hollywood will finally see that movies with minorities in leading roles and a story about minorities can be successful and make a boatload of money. 

He pointed out that the movie has all kinds of Black people. That is, the movie has Black people from all over Africa and with all kinds of shapes. Just think of a tall thin basketball player from a West African tribe and a short stocky football player from a South African tribe.

He fell in love with the strong women of the Royal Guard. No "just stand there and be pretty" types. He said that one of his white co-workers took his daughter to see Black Panther so she can use the strong black women as role models.

I had to agree with my friend's critiques. Black Panther …