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Monsters under the Bed

Here's a funny thing, I have a video game that I use to practice flying planes. I am terrible at it because I keep worrying about crashing the plane. Huh??? It's a video game. Crashing planes has no impact on anything. No one dies. If I crash, all I have to do is press the reset button. I know this. I have done it many, many, many times and yet, I still worry about crashing. 

That's what fear can do to you, create imaginary dangers where none exist.

My friend and I were chatting about why we aren't rich. One of the most common ways to get rich is investing in real estate. Buy a home and rent it out. The tenant will eventually pay for the mortgage and the up keep of the house. Do this couple more times and we would end up owning valuable properties and be rich. We could use some of the equity in our homes to get started. Yet we do nothing.

That's what fear can do to you.

Our lives are full of imagined dangers. I think it comes from watching too much tele…