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Twin Sisters

Two fairies hovered, surveying the rubble of their home. This was the second hurricane - Irma first, then Maria - within the last month.

"All our food and water are lost. What do we do now?" asked Amberle.

Their Caribbean paradise vacation home was a mixture of flattened bricks, broken furniture, downed trees, and mud.

"We can join the humans until the Fairy King sends help," answered Catania. "I don't think we have other choices here."

"Oh dear," replied Amberle. "We must disguise ourselves. The humans will be frightened when they see us. I do not know how to transform.  Do you?"

Catania nodded. "Yes, but this is my first attempt. Just take a deep breath, and blow yourself up, like this..."

Catania sucked in a large breath, and with a closed mouth, exhaled internally. Her cheeks puffed, her torso lengthened, arms and legs stretched, until her six-inch frame became a five-foot girl.

"You did it!" admired Amberle. "…