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Cannon Fodder

Sometimes, when I am early to work and I do not want to sit at my desk, I sit in the building’s lobby. I sip my coffee and engage in employee watching. I watch this mass of humanity stream by. I wave to the smattering of people I know as they rush to clock in. We have some really pretty women who work here and I don’t know enough of them. The people come into the building in surges. I suppose one could link the surges to the train schedule. I am guessing here, I think there are some five thousand people working in this building.

And what do we all do here? Cumulatively, we are contributing to the world in some way. The world is a better place from what we all do but, as individuals, we are lost in this pile of humanity. There is a great amount of unrealized talent in the building, in the people, just wasting away. We are replaceable cogs. What notable accomplishment can we put next to our names? We had a young woman pass away suddenly. The rest of us insisted that there should be a quic…