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America is Black

America is ninety percent Black. Now that statement will stir up the pot...the melting pot, that is.

In America, a black person is defined as someone who has one drop of black blood. This is a cultural definition not a legal one. At least not a legal one any more, as many racist laws were repealed in almost all states. It is a curious way to define a black person, one drop of blood. This suggests that white people can only be white if they are pure blood. But, how can you tell? All black people, examined so far, have red blood, same as white people. Yet, this definition persists.

Most of us use visualization, your skin color, to tell if you are to be classified as black or white. That makes more sense. But there are many light black people, so light that they look white. In days of old, the expression was, passing, as in passing for white. I suppose one could to start walking around with a microscope and examining skin cells to tell who is who.

But wait, science has stepped up and compli…