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Showing posts from May 23, 2018

More orderly, less the office!

Some years ago I posted this piece about reducing paper clutter at home. I love magazines, but am such an information junkie, I can NEVER keep up with all the things I want to read. I spent a few years wasting time with sheet protectors and binders, until I realized that most of the articles I'd saved could be found somewhere online with a little digging. Well, now I save everything to Evernote and am still playing catch-up with tags and things. I'm actually about 4 years behind on this quest ... but at least I'm not doing the crawl through mountains of out-of-date periodicals that would eventually end up getting peed on by my cats. I look for things that can't possibly have any relevance to me now, and just banish them into the ether with a click of the mouse. Sometime in the next year or so, Carl and I intend to sell our house and move, and that will be a great opportunity to shred a lot more old documents and further shrink the clutter. The house is OK.

Now, so is m…