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My New Best Friend - introduction

There is a lady in my office who has become my new best friend and... we don't get along.

Her name is Sally, not her real name of course. Names are important. Names can describe who or what is named, or foretell what a person is like. None of that applies here. I chose Sally for its symbolism. Change one itty bitty letter and Sally becomes a completely different word - Sally is Silly, Silly is Sally

It is indicative of life that one small change can have large impacts. It's like the fabled butterfly that flaps its wings in Brazil and a hurricane hits Nevada. Probably choosing the name Sally says more about me than it does about my new BFF. How silly of me.

Since I have given Sally a name, I should give myself a name too.  You can call me Harry, after Prince Harry, not the When Harry met Sally movie.

Sally joined our office over ten years ago. She came from some other part of the company. A promotion I think. It's only recently that Sally became my BFF. There was some self s…