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Showing posts from June 10, 2018

Shopping for Foreigners

I am sitting in a high-end shopping mall, in my favorite place outside Nordstrom, sipping coffee and watching shoppers. I hear a conversation in French.

I am guessing they are tourists and, like me, are here to see what a high-end mall is like. They may come from a place where there is no high-end mall and this is an adventure for them. If I were them, I would be hauling around the mall a couple of large suitcases and filling them up with goodies to take back home. 

I could be wrong about the tourists. I see no suitcases just some regular shopping bags. My second guess is that these tourists are here to see where the locals live and shop. They want to know how we live our lives here and how that compares to theirs back in France. Not an unreasonable thing as I do the same whenever I travel and that includes parts of the USA. I wonder if they like what they see of the USA?

It's only fair that as they are watching me, I am watching them. They seem no different from me, just people goin…