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Conversation on the train

From the train doorway, Jack spotted the empty seat down the aisle. He pushed forward, elbowing his way while shouting, “Excuse me, excuse me, coming through,” hoping the seat would still be there. He made it. 

Next to him sat a woman, dressed in a white silk sequin gown, dark curly hair down to her shoulders, smokey eye liner, exaggerated eyelashes and red lipstick. 

Jack: Man, the train is crowded today. Amazing that this seat was still here.
Her: Yes, you would think that I scare people.
Jack: Not likely. You have a beautiful smile. Her: Thank you. You're cute too. Jack: Are you a model?
Her: Yes. I wanted to be a model ever since I saw Clara Bow at her Wingsmovie premier at the Criterion Theater.
Jack: Clara Bow?
Her: Clara Bow was beautiful and glamorous that night. I started to dress like her. Every day I went to school in a gown, hair done up, and rouge make up. My grade school principal called my mom and told her I needed help. My mom told him to behave himself. "One day sh…