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Windmills of your Mind

"Hey, look! Windmills," shouted Emily as she pointed out the bus window.

The Eiger family, Winston, Jennifer, and their young daughter Emily, were touring the Midlands. The tour bus arrived at Windmill Alley, so named by the Tourist Board since it was a mile long row of medieval windmills straddling the Ghrent Canal. The tour was a multi-cultural program sponsored by the Ministry of Magic. 

Impressed with the view, Jennifer turned to her daughter and asked, "Can you tell me why non-magical people built windmills?"

Emily scrunched her face and after a moment, shook her head, "no Mommy."

"Well, it gets very hot here in the summer and in the ancient times, there was no air conditioners. So the people built windmills to cool the farmers working in the fields. Windmills are giant fans," said Jennifer, nodding and thinking of her Non-Magical-People Anthropology training.

"Wow," replied Emily, eyes wide, mouth open with amazement.

"No, no,…