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Pirates of Penzance

"Orc Pirates. Damn it! I should have listened to father and not ditched my bodyguards," lamented the Princess Lela at her spaceship's screen.  

The constant, never gone, presence of her bodyguards irritated her, always reminding her of the tight borders of her life as a Royal Fairy Princess.  The Princess intended to use her escape to engage in her passion for collecting ancient postage stamps with a visit to the Galactic Philatelic Convention on Tau Phi Six.

Princess Lela pushed at the spaceship's thrust lever although it was already at maximum. Her screen showed a black battle cruiser closing faster and faster.

Turning the ship's energy cannon rearwards, she pressed the red Fire button. The energy weapon cycled up its power and fired at the black ship. The ray bounced off the pirate ship's shield.

Her ship's speaker spoke, "Princess, this is Commander Batish of the Pirate Cruiser, The Truly Dark Dark One." That's how the Communications AI tra…