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Showing posts from August 12, 2018

The Price of a Dollar

I am sitting on the sidewalk at 57 Street and Madison Avenue, a fancy neighborhood just around the corner from Trump Tower.  My cardboard sign - I am homeless. Can you please help - on the ground in front of me next to my collection hat.

A shadow falls on me. I look up to see a beautiful well-dressed woman standing there. Good heavens! I can only steal a tag line from Calvin Klein's ads, her curves wore the dress and she inflamed men as she walked.

She reviews me from head to hat then says, “I see you have a dollar in your hat. Give it to me and I will give you the keys to a Ferrari.”

I stare at this Venus, imagining away what would be if she were mine.

"Hellooo," she says, breaking into my thoughts. “It’s yours for a dollar,” she says pointing behind her to a red Ferrari parked at the curb.

I recover to ask, "Wait-a-minute! Why are you doing this?” 

She replies, "it's yours.  What do you care why?"

“I can't have a car like this.  It’s a strange thing to …