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Take Your Medicine

Here's a bit of irony - as medicine saves our lives, medicine is slowly killing us too.

It's heresy to write that but here is how it happens. We will use diabetes as our example. 

In the past, people with diabetes would eventually get sick and die. Untreated diabetes increases risks of strokes and heart attacks.  But before that, there is blindness, lost nerve functions, amputated toes and feet, and some other horrible outcomes I don't want to mention here.

As a result of passing, diabetics would not live long enough to have children. That means the number of people who would get diabetes and pass it on to family gets smaller and smaller and eventually diabetes, well, dies out. 

Today, thanks to medicine, diabetics can live a long life. They live to ninety or more and become great-great grandparents. That means they are passing on diabetes to their children, lots of children. Diabetes does not die out but grows. That is partly why we see the huge rise in pre-diabetes nowadays.