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Fault Lines

Makenna felt the first tremor just a week after the honeymoon ended. Some dishes fell out of the cabinet and crashed. By the time things were back to normal, Zane was volunteering to help store the rest of the dinnerware in a safer spot. They stood back and admired the new arrangement. Surely, such a calamity would never recur ... and they had both learned from it.

But it did happen again. Each time, they had to pick up the pieces in a different part of the house. Sometimes it was the bedroom, other times the garage, and once or twice the living room. Each time, they convinced themselves it was an isolated incident, and the damage was fixable.

Thirteen years later, they emerged from the lawyer's office, divorce papers fresh and crisp in hand. It was only then that they discovered the information that had been obvious to everyone around them ... everyone but them.

They'd built their foundation on the San Andreas Fault.