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Sleeping Beauty - a Fractured Fairy Tale

Wicked Queen Elizabeth stood before her Magical All-Seeing Mirror.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful in all the lands?” “Well, it was you, my formerly exalted beautiful but terribly wicked queen.Now it is sweet, lovable, innocent Princess Jasmine in the kingdom down the country road from here.” “Ag, I hate her,” declared Wicked Queen Elizabeth as steam hissed from her awesome and quite kissable ears. By now you have realized that Wicked Queen Elizabeth was quite vain about her looks.She had the master makeup artist and the superior skilled hairdresser – the ones who won multiple Oscars for their movie work - in all the lands as her servants.Her boudoir had an especially larger than normal alcove with mirrors, where she stood for days admiring herself. Wicked Queen Elizabeth decided to regain her status as an exalted beauty with a wicked deed.She cast an evil sleeping spell upon an apple. 

Disguising herself as a lowly servant (an extremely difficult thing to do if you a…