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Dragon's Law

Three peasants woke from their drunken stupor, lying on the floor of a gloomy cave lit by a single candle on a stone desk. Behind the desk sat a shiny red dragon, his scaly horned tail twitching back and forth, wisps of smoke rising from his nostrils as he breathed. The frightened peasants cowered, holding each other, and one asked, “Where are we? How did we get here? Who are you?” The dragon looked up from the documents he was reading and answered, “You are in my office and I am your lawyer.” “Your office? Our lawyer?” quaked a peasant, all staring at the dragon’s bright red eyes piercing the gloom. “Yes, your lawyer.” The dragon pointed a manicured claw at the Scales-of-Justice statue on his desk. “ You have been accused of theft.”  “Theft?” replied one of the peasants. “Yes,” the dragon reached over and opened a folder on his desk, a quick glance, “of stealing three mugs of ale.” “We didn’t steal any ale. The mugs were on a table by the side of the road.” “Did you have permission to …