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Showing posts from September 15, 2018

Subway Ads

I spent the long Labor Day weekend in New York City. Part of this experience is riding the subways. It's not my first time visiting the topic. Many years ago I wrote about riding the subways. Here is the link to that post, A Subway Journey Home.

This time, it's the advertisements that caught my attention. There were ads that you would expect, for lawyers, dentists, mattress stores, and trade schools. But some were really beyond normal expectations. I don't know what to make of them.

The first was a picture of a topless woman with her breasts hidden behind two large grapefruits. That ad was for breast augmentation. The tag line was, Size does matter. Only $3,900, if you are interested.

Another ad was a person of indeterminate gender, kneeling behind an undressed person who was kneeling on all fours, in what is known as doggie-style position. This was an ad for the Museum of Sex. Yes, New York City has a museum of sex. That surprised me, as the sexpot theaters of Times Square a…