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Moving Home

I chanced on Lost In Space, a TV show from the late 1960s, while cruising the channels.I had not seen the show in so long that I forgot who the stars were.I Googled the show and learned many things about the show, including that Guy Williams moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina.It is fascinating though, to be born in one place and spent the rest of your life in another place.I could not find out why Guy Williams chose Buenos Aires, what it was that he liked about it.
I suppose if I were to meditate on it, people have characteristics, and cities do too. Where we are born is a matter of our parents' likes and dislikes and not ours.As adults we correct that.We find the city that, somehow, matches us and we move there.
Take Los Angeles.I hear that LA has more narcissistic and beautiful people than anywhere else in the world.One would expect that in LA, as it is the world’s center of movie stars.Anyone who wants to be a movie star must go to LA.And guess what, movie stars are narcissistic an…