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The Curse of Traffic Tickets

Author's note - Every day in my commute, some driver violates the traffic rules. This is my revenge...

Jessica, a law abiding witch, hates it when she sees drivers commit violations trying to get ahead of the traffic on the road.

“It's cheating,” she says. “You know them, the ones who drive on the shoulder or use the entrance ramp to jump ahead the traffic. Then there are the drivers who recklessly cut you off breaking into the line at lane merges.” Every time it happens, she says, “the cops need to be here.”

As luck has it, Newburg City passes a law authorizing its citizens to issue traffic summons. Jessica decides to do help out. She creates a curse to give these cheating drivers traffic tickets.

Her curse combines magic with non-magic technology. The first step of creating the curse is to buy a police scanner. Jessica links the curse to the scanner. The scanner gives the curse access to the police traffic computers. Amazingly, the curse can run license plates for vehicle infor…