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Money is the way

Here in America, we are serious about money. We have many, many proverbs that offer money advice.

Time is Money. This is the one repeated the most. We know this to be true because that is how most of us get paid for the work we do. We are paid on an hourly basis. That is, we sell our time to our employers. It's funny, our employers are far more interested in our skills but they pay us for our time.

Penny wise, pound foolish. Now this is the one that most of us get so wrong. My favorite example - not such a good example but a fine story - is the person who drives all over town to many stores to get a few cent off on sales. What is missed by this person is how much is spent on gas driving from store to store. Here is how this person goes wrong: I am saving pennies today which I can see in my pocket and I can still see the dollars (pounds in the proverb because we used to be an English colony) in my pocket although I have to spend the same dollars for gas two days from now.

Money will n…