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Birth of a Salesman

We all sell all the time to each other and we do it as bad amateurs.

When we think of selling and of salespeople, we mean the salespeople we meet in car dealerships or in appliance stores. Those are the professional salespeople. They have been trained and know their products and how to sell them. We can call them, Salesperson, First Class.

There are salespeople we meet in department stores or at the front counter of MacDonald's. They are the customer service people. When we want help, we go to them. Unfortunately, we often discover that they don't know the products and are not much help. We can call them, Salesperson, Second Class.

Then there is the rest of us. We engage in selling but don't always recognize that we are doing so. For example, a job interview. A job interview is a process where you present a sales pitch for yourself. You try to answer the employer's question, why should I hire (buy) you over that other guy? Sometimes, we get a rudimentary training in job i…