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Live Long and Prosper

Sorry for your loss, Sorry for your loss, Sorry for your loss, repeated each mourner as they passed Widower Johnson.
The deceased, Mrs. Josefa Johnson, JJ to friends and acquaintances, died in a car accident. A tragedy. Her car smashed into the back of a tractor trailer in the Interstate Highway.  She was only two hundred and sixty-three years old and just reaching middle age.

Poor Widower Johnson. Mrs. Johnson’s passing was a brutal blow. It was unexpected. They were married for only thirty-three years, still in their honeymoon stage. Of small consolation to Widower Johnson was that he was now well off. Mrs. Johnson was covered by accident insurance with a double indemnity payout. There was her savings too, all two hundred and thirty-one years of it. Mrs. Johnson was monetarily worth more dead than alive.
Last in the procession of mourners was Jack Requiem, an employee of the Life Lottery Commission. The deceased, Mrs. Johnson, was the current Lottery winner. Mr. Requiem’s function wa…