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Big Box Shopping

The witch turned to the demon standing behind her on the waiting line for Kostco Curio Shoppe, "This place is amazing. I just love it. Have you been here before?"

"No, this is my first time," answered the demon in a deep basso profondo voice.
"You will love it. They have everything," said the witch with a big smile and waving her hand at the store front. "These new big box stores have changed magical shopping. Last week I was here for Eye of Newt. They have eighteen different varieties," - she started to count on her fingers - "North American Newt, Chinese Paddle Tail, African Striped, Kaiser's Spotted from Asia. I had no trouble finding the one I wanted. The Curio Shop I used to shop in had only North American and not always in stock. Sometimes I had to go to three curio shops to find any."

She frowned, "The only problem with this place is its hours. They only open on witching hour and only for one hour. If you miss it, you have…