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Showing posts from November 17, 2018

No More Sex

On the internet, there is an article that says, Americans are having less sex. The article went on to call it a Sex Recession. The cause: independent women.

According to article, as women enter the workforce, they are earning enough to support themselves. So, women do not have to depend on men for support. Women do not have to get married to lock in support. Women do not have to accept mandatory sex or bad sex from their partners. The end result is less sex.

This reasoning may be valid, but I have a different idea about this. If there is a sex recession - and I am suspicious of this assertion - it is because of harassment training programs and the highly public sex harassment trials of prominent men.

My company has instituted an annual Sexual Harassment in the Workplace training that everyone must take. It's an online course so its easy to take. In the course, they tell you what is harassment. As might be expected, the course takes a very strict definition of harassment behavior and …