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When Lean gets Mean

My nice new boss is brimming over with ideas. One of them is to get our team completely conversant in the Lean methodology.

In case Lean isn't familiar to you, it's an operational excellence strategy that enables people and organizations to change for the better. Organizations that use Lean are constantly seeking out ways to continuously improve the way they work, and pursue the elimination of waste. The italics are my way of showing that this is a direct quote from a website dedicated to teaching the method.

Lean is truly brilliant and inspiring. Studying Lean makes you take a second look at everything you and your company are doing, and asking Can it be done better? Faster? Smarter? Where is waste occurring? It can carry over into every area of your life, so that ultimately, you save hours upon hours of time, and often a whole lot of money to boot. can be a quick and fun way to learn quite a bit of Japanese, since it was perfected by Toyota, which was originally in…