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Today I had a paper cut. I asked the people around me if they had a Band-aid. Just about every woman reached into their handbags and pulled one out. One woman offered me a choice of Neosporin or an alcohol wipe. Surprised, I asked, "What else you have in there?" Her answer was, "this and that."

Women are famous for carrying stuff in their handbags, just in case. Aside from what I expect women to carry - lipstick, perfume, a compact - I can add a pharmacy. Without doubt, there is a tool chest in those handbags but I could not find any woman who would admit to it.

I remember my first encounter with women's handbags. It was not my mother, it was Mary Poppins, the movie.  Mary Poppins, after arriving at the children's home, unpacked her belongings.  She pulled bedroom furnishings out of her handbag (she called it a Carpet Bag).  

In my later years came Hermione Granger of Harry Potter movie fame. Hermione had a large camping tent and outdoor survival gear in her …