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Knights in White Satin

"Not guilty, Your Highness," rebounded off the walls in the Great Hall. The words had boomed out of Lady Jennifer, Captain of the Queen's Bodyguards, as she stood at parade rest before the King and on display before gossiping nobility and unseen servants. 

"Did you kill them?" asked the King from his throne on the dais.

"It was in the line of duty, Your Highness."


"I was in the stables for my horse when I came upon the Captain of the Royal Guard and a scullery maid and --"

"You dispatched them with your spear?" interrupted the King as he leaned forward glaring at Lady Jennifer.

"Yes Your Highness, I leaped, piecing them with one stroke, pinning them in position and to the ground." A slight smile appearing on the corners of her mouth.

"You are proud of this?"

"Yes Your Highness," replied Lady Jennifer looking the King in the eye. "I am a Knight in White Satin, one of the Queen's G…