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They know what you did

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Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple (FAGA?) know everything about you and you don't know that they do. Worse, they are telling everybody all about you, for a price.

Internet privacy used to be an issue of what you searched for, what sites you visited, or what you bought on line. Now it's anything you do in your life.

An example - it's reported in the News that Alexa is listening in on, and recording, the sounds in your home. Amazon claims that Alexa is listening for your commands and to hear your commands, Alexa listens to every sound in your home. These sounds are: you taking to your family, the TV show you watch, your bedroom sweet talk, the lies you tell your boss calling in sick, and so on.

Let's say one night you use Alexa to order fried pickles at 3 am. Alexa rats you out to Amazon's people-tracking algorithm. If you are male, the algorithm may decide to classify you as an unstable person. If you are female, the algorithm may decide to classify you as pregnant.

One day you apply for a better job. Your future employer likes you and does a background check.  Amazon's people-tracking algorithm tells your future employer you are unstable or pregnant.

You do not get the job.

Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple have personality profiles of you. You don't know what they know and what they are saying about you. It's all invisible.

Used to be that your credit score mattered. You can get a copy of your score, and credit history so you can see what others see. Then, if necessary, you can take action to protect yourself.

We need to create an internet privacy transparency process.  We need to protect ourselves from Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple.


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