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Poem: My Precious

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My Precious
Made a vow to find you if ever lost, no matter how steep the cost.
Watched your value grow, sharing years of wins and woes.
Object of my affection, went in your own direction.
My very beloved rock, your loss gave me quite the shock.
Despite my earnest effort, shame we exist separate.
You are most precious, rare gift I solemnly treasure.
Also, girl's best friend, for happiness you lend.
In this material world, held high are diamonds and pearls.
Displayed for the world to see, found your greatest admirer in me.
Drew the best out of me, counterpart, pity to witness you depart.
My pining is steadily persisting, melancholy, since you went missing.
There's a void where you should be - right here, in my company.
One thing I can’t debate, this pain is hard to equate,
To another in history—my state is deep misery.
And also cannot deny, this tragedy makes me cry.
I thought we'd always be together since physically, we were tethered.
Your absence has taken its toll, now I’m just a wandering soul.
I ponder if you're still safe and do my best to keep the faith.
You and I came as a set, obvious to those we met.
We truly are an epic pair, distance from you is anguish to bear.
Having you at my side filled me with joy and pride.
Jointly we made an impression, always able to command attention.
Indivisible is our truth, there's no better virtue.
Without you there’s no me, in tandem create poetry.
Our reputation precedes—we’re a most envied team.
You and I are synonymous, absence of either is onerous.
We’re perceived as one, bonded for the long run.
United make a perfect brand, like no other duo in the land.

A poem written by my friend.  She goes by the name RobeGirl.  I asked why? "because when I started a big chunk of my poems I was between jobs and wearing my robes. lol"
When I first read this, I thought it was a boyfriend heartbreak.  "No," she said, "lost earring.  Think, Lord of the Rings."


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