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Aspiring long-timer and proud of it (or, Gimme gimme gimme that watch!)

Where I work, you're a long-ish timer if you attain 20 years. They give you a little green, and a card, and depending on which site you're at, your manager and co-workers throw you a party, which sometimes ends up in the company newsletter. More than a few people have made it to 40 years and beyond. No, not the "great beyond." Other than the company founder, now in his mid-90s and no longer able to visit the office, no one has been there more than 45 years, but that could change.

My son's paternal grandfather was given a gift when he retired from a restaurant-supply company in the Bronx: a figurine of a tired-looking man, embossed "Be nice to me, I've had a hard day." Except the word "day" had been taped over with "32 years."  Here was someone who had joined the company immediately after returning home from Europe at the end of World War II.

My own father retired shortly after attaining 25 years with a vending-machine company. N…