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An amazing gift for my wife

Every year for my wife's birthday, I give her the gift of shopping. It's not that I am willing to pay for all her shopping. I am not; it is that I am willing to take her shopping, and to spend the day with her shopping, and here is the gift part, never ever complain to her about all this shopping.

Usually, we end up going shopping for fashion - blouses, dresses, pants, shoes, boots, scarfs, hats, jewelry, coats, watches, sweat clothes, handbags, and this is a partial list of possibilities. You would be surprised what I know about women's fashions from these many years of birthday shopping.

Birthday shopping is a multi-step process: 
First, I do the obvious, I carry her bags. Second, I give her my opinion on every item she picks up. Third, I help her look for whatever item she is looking for. Fourth, I look for items she is not looking for but will look good on her. Fifth, I sit patiently at the dressing rooms while she tries on the oh so many items, only to buy none of them. …