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Showing posts from January 27, 2019

Deep Thoughts

I am amazed how one thought leads to another.

There I was, walking along the street, when thoughts hit me - boobs, wonder if that button will hold. Six inch red pumps, I look so tall and so leggy. Yippee, I won two dollars in the lottery.

None of those thoughts are mine. I read minds but sometimes I wonder why bother? People are so ordinary and dull at times. Too much boobs, too much shoes, too much thinking money.

I walk down the street and from every mind I get - sweet babies, fun shopping, beautiful shoes, pretty girl, cute guys, loving girlfriend. hugging and kissing, and some other intimate thoughts I will just as well skip. Passing hundreds on the street and nothing new, nothing interesting.

It gets boring when my friends tell me about their vacations when I have already read their minds. I think of them talking to me like watching a re-run of a movie.

But sometimes I get an interesting thought from people and it usually starts with anger. 

When people are angry, they let loose…