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Who's Counting Who?

The President of the United States wants to add a citizenship question to the national census. He wants to ask, Are you a citizen? No one has an accurate count of how many illegal people there are in America. The President says that this question will count them.  One of the things that makes America great is that America treats citizens and non-citizens the same way. Sure there are exceptions, like voting or running for president, where you must be a citizen. Editorial comment – what’s with Ted Cruz. He was born in Canada and that makes him Canadian but he was allowed to run for president! If the President wants to ask citizen questions, he should ask, Why don’t you vote?
For the rest of us here in America, immigration is hardly the most important question we want answered. I can think of other far better questions to ask on the census. Here are five important questions that desperately need answers:

One – Here is an important question for all men (including the President) and for whic…