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Showing posts from February 16, 2019

Don't Take Your Life to Work With You

I'm missing a co-worker who joined the ranks of the unemployed a couple of weeks ago. She was floored, and found herself in the position of having to scramble and trust various people at the company to do right by her.

There was an awkward day when she had to return to the office with armfuls of the company's computer equipment, which would be exchanged for personal items such as desk decor and books. There were two large boxes, and one of them contained an 8GB flash drive that a manager had filled with the personal documents that Elizabeth had loaded onto her work computer over the last four or five years. Elizabeth fretted over these files, even hinting that she'd like someone to "borrow" the computer and make sure all her files were put back in her possession. When asked why she'd put so much of her private stuff on the laptop, she explained that when she joined the company, it was the only computer she had access to on a regular basis.

Well, okay. But as…