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College Admissions Crimes

College admissions scandal: Rich people using their money to get their way. What surprised me was how stupid they were. They bribed the wrong way.
The proper way to bribe colleges is to give to the college, the institution, and not to people. When you give to the institution, we call it a donation, not a bribe. If the donation is large enough, and those bribes certainly were, you can get your kid into the college. The most famous is Harvard. They got lots of money from the Kennedy family and Harvard accepted all their children.
The College admission scandal revealed to me just how hard the One Percenters fight with each other. The One Percenters at the poorer end, that is those with only two-digit millions, feel left behind as compared to their billionaire peers. The poor One Percenters have to resort to bribes and other nefarious behaviors to keep up. Apparently, it's hard to be a poor One Percenter.
What I found interesting about the scandal was that sports coaches were involved. …