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The Orc of Wall Street - True Lies

Patty, The Orc of Wall Street, swiveled her office chair to face her VP Market Research and shouted, "Romy, get to the point!"

Patty, founder and CEO of Bright Light Investment & Son & Daughter, was not a patient individual. Patty was not her true name. Her Orc name was almost impossible for the humans to pronounce properly so she named herself Patty after the raw hamburger patties she loved.

"Yes ma'am. The new facial recognition software can tell if a person is lying. We feed in a video of a subject and the software will identify when the subject lies."

"Really," replied Patty. "How does it work?"

"Essentially, the software monitors two hundred micro facial movements, plus body movements, gait, arm swings, et cetera. We call it a facial recognition software for simplicity but it really monitors all body movements. Then we link the facial software with a psychological behavioral module to ferret out when a subject is lying. For th…