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Social Security: Who's Foolin' Who?

I can tell I'm getting old. Not that many years ago, when I wanted to feel insecure, I would buy fashion and beauty magazines. What I was looking for, I have no idea. Typical advice (especially when the subject was health and nutrition) was "Eat plenty of this if you want to be healthy ... but  be careful not to overdo, because that can be toxic!" "It's good to work out for 30 minutes each day. Aerobic exercise can be especially good for extending your lifespan. But if your heart starts pumping really hard, call an ambulance because you might be having a heart attack!"

I don't worry about my looks anymore. I periodically shave off my eyebrows and paint them back on with Crayolas. It's all good. I'm thinking about piercing my toenails and getting a tattoo of Carrot Top. Look for me on Instagram under the name @totally2fargone.
Now that worrying about health and beauty is a thing of the past, it's time to find something new to keep me awake at n…