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Showing posts from April 13, 2019

Death and Taxes

Just in time for April 15th, I remembered the saying, there is no escaping death and taxes. Then this itty bitty thing popped into my head.
I am prepping lunch in my kitchen when there's loud knocking at my front door. I open the door and a man in a white shirt and gray suit is nailing paper to the door jamb. Who are you I say. IRS he says. What do you want I say. A levy for unpaid estate taxes he says. But I am not dead I say. Doesn't matter he says. Can we talk it over I say. Nothing to discuss he says. Who is your supervisor I say. She can't help you he says. It's not right I say. Walking Dead is still dead and must pay up he says. My stomach rumbles. I whack his gray hat off and eat his brains.