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Showing posts from April 21, 2019

What a disaster

There has been terrible disaster lately, floods, tornadoes and the like. Many people living in the affected areas were caught unprepared. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) steps in to help but by then, it's too late. In their defense, FEMA does have ads telling us what to do to prepare for a disaster. So does the Red Cross. Problem is that we ignore the ads. 

I have a simple suggestion to help. People need to experience a disaster to understand and learn what to do. Now the First Responders, police, firemen, Army, etc., do simulated disaster practice. They learn what to do and do it automatically. The rest of us do not have any of that. At most, we get fire drills in school or at work.

So, why not run a practice for all America. What if the electricity was turned off for twenty four hours? We would then find out how unprepared we are.

I pick electricity because we turn it on or off. We are unable to turn on earthquakes, hurricanes, or that sort of thing. Another thing about…